A Day of Rainbows and Good Luck!


“My two favourite colours of the rainbow are gold and leprechaun.”  ~Jarod Kintz, It Occurred to Me

Today we are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a whole lot of colour! We played, we created, we snacked! All the while, keeping our eyes peeled for that naughty leprechaun that turned our milk green last night!

First, you’ll find our Rainbow Sensory Play Bin over at cbc.ca/parents

*The post includes a full tutorial on how to colour your pasta!pipecleanerRainbow

Next, we decided to paint our own lunch!readytopaintrainbowtoastrainbowtoast2

We toasted our pretty bread and added a rainbow fruit/veggie plate to eat alongside.snacktime

The smalls LOVED every bit of making their toast colourful! Painting their own bread? They couldn’t believe their luck!

You can find the original tutorial for RAINBOW MILK TOAST here at LearnPlayImagine.com

And finally, my school kid’s bento lunches. They were packed full of rainbows and gold, and good luck clover!

Mr. Pancakes had rainbow onigiri in his bento…

I simply rolled the sticky rice into a ball and rolled it in food colouring. Don’t even ask me how the palms of my hands look right now! Hehehe!


And Miss Coco had a 4-leafed clover sandwich made from 4 heart-shaped sandwiches, a rainbow of fruit, AND a rainbow-loomed apple cuff! Coco said she used the Dragon Scale Cuff pattern for the apple cuff, for all your loomers out there who are interested in making one!


*If you have a bento lunch you want to share with our Bento Revolution hashtag, go right ahead and tag your photos on Instagram with #bentorevolution. This way, we can share ideas and find new inspiration for school lunches!

Wishing you all the luck I can muster on this happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Thanks for stopping by,

~Arlee Small Potatoes


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