Snapshots of the Smalls

We like to get find new places to play, and to visit our favourite haunts. Here are a few snapshots from our adventures…

Writing On Stone Provincial Park, Alberta Canada

Drumheller, Alberta Canada

Milk River, Alberta Canada

Milk River, Alberta Canada

Milk River, Alberta Canada

Milk River, Alberta Canada

Milk River, Alberta Canada

Writing On Stone Park Provincial Park, Alberta Canada

Pullin’ the babies in the wagon at SunnyBrook Farm…Playin’ in the sand by the river…Kissin’ in the church yard at Big Valley…Playin’ on the old farm trucks at SunnyBrook Farm…(one of our favourite spots!)Visitin’ the horses out at the stables…


35 thoughts on “Snapshots of the Smalls

  1. Oh boy, Arlee, your photos are just gorgeous. I was just over at your gallery having a peek, and now this page! Such talent! Tell me you studied photography (intensely), and this isn’t just some natural talent! Ok, and I have to ask (forgive me – I’m such an amateur), but what lens did you use for thos like the wagon pic and the Sunnybrook farm pic? I love what it does to the sky and the clouds.

    • Thank you! I used a wide angle 10-20mm lens. It gives spectacular skies!! And I did study online with the New York Institute of Photography, I had to learn the technical side of things. My dad is a photographer/artist, so it’s kinda in my genes. I can’t stop myself! lol!

  2. The picture of the truck at SunnyBrook Farm. What brand is your wide angle lens? & what is the focal length ?

  3. Hi Arlee, what type of camera and lens would you receommend for someone just starting out that desires to take great pics of her family?

  4. I love these photos – we have just had a family photo shot that I am waiting on getting back. Your photos have me all excited to get them. Photos are small snippets of life and great memories, and these photos are just beautiful

    • Thank you. Avery!! I also have a child named Avery! Great name! I visited your blog today…sounds like you have some tough days. I hope things get better for you. Enjoy your time with your mum, keep your chin up and keep writing!!! πŸ™‚

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