"What the Thing?"

When my 4 year old son is baffled by something, he says just that. “What the thing?” Well, I am baffled by this whole concept of blogging. I am inept at most things techno, and I am as about as computer savvy as a gnat.  But here I am, all the same.  A mother of six.  A photographer.  A day home caregiver of 5.  A foodie.  An aspiring yogi.  A wanna be traveller.  A reader. A newbie blogger. 

I am learning as I go, so things may be a bit rocky at first…ok, who are we kidding? Things will be rocky for a loooong while! But I will hit up my 14 yr old son for some blogging and web lessons (he taught me how to Twitter), and things should be a little smoother. 

So if you find yourself in need of a solution to gum in the baby’s hair, or directions for making a really cool stuff with your kids,  or a recipe for the best waffles on the planet,  a neat teacher present, or birthday party favour, or you just can’t decide which wine to serve at next week’s book club…check back here once in awhile.  I may just have the answer. 

Because in my life, these things are no small potatoes.


11 thoughts on “"What the Thing?"

  1. woohoo! you go girl!!!! Ambre has reminded me to get off my butt and start blogging again so I will join you on the blogging realm when I get back from Toronto!!!! So proud of you!!!!!

  2. @just sayin'…Thanks for your tips!!@Auntie…i will teach you once I know more than how to make a title page!lol! And thanks to everyone else for your support!!!! I will need it!! @Bobbi…I'll get on it!! Sheesh!! 😉

  3. This kicks!! This kind of thing is SO you!! YAY! I really am amazed at all you accomplish little sister! xo When do you find the time?! Kudos!! I love you!

  4. In agreement with closefamilies, I’ve just recently found this blog and love it, so I went back to see where it all began. You said here that you weren’t sure what you were doing, but I can’t help but see that from the very beginning, it was brilliant! 🙂

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