A Little Dash of Colour…

I don’t know about all of you, but our spring has been somewhat wet. And grey. And cold. And downright depressing. My little house full of children was facing yet another day full of grey clouds and rain. I needed to take action! I checked the education.com site and found a good “spur of the moment” cure for kid cabin fever. So, here it is…a little activity that takes minimal effort and very little prep, but brings with it a whole bunch of colour and a whole lot of smiles….
Tie-Dyed Baby Wipes
Start with some rubber bands, a baby wipe, and markers. Wrap a rubber band around the pinched or rolled wipe every inch or so. This one was wrapped in a “y” shape. Some were wrapped in a tube shape.
Once the wipe is all wrapped up, let your child colour all the white spaces.
This one was pinched in the centre and then rolled up.
All ready!!!
Now for the fun part! Remove all the elastics and let your child unroll the wipe and see the pattern they have created…
The anticipation of the big reveal is almost tangible 😉
We put them flat on the table to dry in the sun. When they were all dry, the kids matted them on cardstock. This made a lovely “framed” piece of art to take home to their mums and dads. 
This activity was so simple and fun, and was a great way to spend a morning. The rain and grey were forgotten as we brought our own little dash of colour into the kitchen ourselves! (And onto our fingers!)
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great saturday, everyone!

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