Baking Sensory Bin…

Just a quick post to show you one of our new and most played with sensory bins. It is essentially homemade “moon sand” in a bin with all kinds of baking/cooking accessories. It is very simple to put together and not as messy as you might think. I bet you have all the things you need to make it already in your house!
You can use any type of cooking oil if you wish. I use baby oil because it smells good! Mix all these ingredients INSIDE your bin to minimize the mess.
Add all kinds of plastic cooking/baking/kitchen accessories to your bin and then get started!
The “dough” will maintain its shape when pressed or packed, but will fall apart when little hands muss it up. It’s the perfect consistency for scooping, rolling, mixing, moulding, and “baking”.
When the children are finished playing, put the lid on it and store it away until next time!
Happy baking!!!
Thanks for stopping by!

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5 thoughts on “Baking Sensory Bin…

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  3. I’ve just done this activity with my 1 year old and I’ve never seen her play so quietly on her own for this long before. She did keep trying to eat it (I made it with olive oil, because I thought she probably would!), but also enjoyed prodding at it with measuring spoons and squishing it with her fingers. It was also a hit with her big brother (aged 4) who liked pressing cookie cutters into it. Thanks for the idea!

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