Paint N’ Shine Your Ride…

“No other man-made device since the shields and lances of the knights quite fulfills a man’s ego like an automobile.”   ~William Rootes

Oh, the sun came out at last! We wasted no time at all. Right after breakfast, we went outside. And we didn’t come back in until lunch. Nom, nom nom, and then back outside again while the baby girl’s napped. And when the girls sleep, the boys get into mischief. This time, it came the form of paint, riding toys, soap, and a hose! I can not take credit for this activity. The boys hatched this mischief all on their own.

Gage decided he was going to take the paint from the easel and paint his car. I didn’t stop him. And so here it goes…

He started with chalk, and drew himself a grill. Then he added headlights, a number, and a shiny yellow bumper.

Even the doors got a coat of paint. On the back, he painted mufflers with fire coming out of them. Because what boy would not want fire coming out of the exhaust pipes?

When his car was all done up and he’d driven it around for a bit…he figured it was time for a car wash. He started with the wash bin from the easel paint…

He liked seeing all the colours mix in the water as he washed. By the end, his water was orange and THAT’S when the hose came into play. You can’t wash your car with orange water, now can you??!

I think he was actually TRYING to get my camera wet here! Hehehehe. The boys worked together to fill jugs, pour water, scrub the bumpers and doors, until the car was as shiny as they day it was made!

And then things just got silly. Which is exactly how I like it.

Thank you boys, for reminding me that paint doesn’t need to stay on the easel.

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10 thoughts on “Paint N’ Shine Your Ride…

  1. We did this with our wagons, painted them all up and then had a parade around the neighborhood! So fun to just let the kids “design their ride”. Amazing pictures!! Love it!! 🙂

    • Crystal, I use Adobe Camera Raw. Then I sometimes fiddle with the levels in Photoshop. This post has no filters on the photos. I used a wide-angle lens for this post. I am working on a blog post on how to achieve better kid-blogging photos, as I’ve had some requests. I’ll get on it sooner than later!! Let me know if you have any more questions in the meantime! 🙂

  2. Just hopped over from the Outdoor Play Party – your pics are great and it looks like they are having so much fun – I love the painting and then the washing it all off so much fun play. Ellie

  3. We love to wash the toy rides over here but we have never tried paint. Looks like he had loads of fun:-) thanks for sharing-frogs and snails and puppy dog tails

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