The Great Dinosaur Stomp…

“Dinosaurs maybe extinct from the face of the planet, but they are alive and well in our imaginations.”  ~Steve Miller

The sun was out, the babies were sleeping and the boys were bored. In case you weren’t aware, these are the perfect conditions for dinosaurs. Oh, and mud.

It all started rather innocently, really…

A roll of paper, some tape, a few dinosaurs and a small tub of mud.

After their mud bath, it was time for a little stroll on the paper…

But there must have been something in that mud…

The dinosaurs became very hostile. And loud.

And then it all went sideways. The boys themselves became dinosaurs, and my patio was no longer a safe place for photographers! I had to move inside and make photographs from the safety of my kitchen!

The clothes came off.

“Because”, he said, “Dinosaurs don’t wear clothes, Mama.”

I did manage to convince the creature to wear swim trunks, however!

While this dinosaur stomped on, and on, and on, the other one changed back into a boy and took on the task of washing the toys…

The remaining wild thing was tamed at last with his own private “hot tub” on the patio…

Now, what am I going to feed these hungry dinosaurs??

Thanks for stopping by!

~Arlee, Small Potatoes.


9 thoughts on “The Great Dinosaur Stomp…

  1. I love this post, Arlee! The boys, the mud, the mess, the photos! As always, I’m drooling over your photos. 🙂 What a super way for the boys to pass the time while the babies were sleeping.

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