Meeting the Mare…

“There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse.”   ~Robert Smith Surtees

I know, I know. Where in the heck have I been?? Well, I’ve been playing in the hoodoos and splashing in the river with the smalls. But now I’m back in the land of wi-fi and I have a little photo story to share with you before heading out into the wild again.

This is the story of the smalls meeting Jessie. Jessie is my daughter’s best friend. She has four legs,soft brown eyes,  a beautiful canter, and has a delicious horsey smell. So delicious, you want to just bury your nose in her neck and stay there for an hour or two.

We hadn’t been out to visit the mare with the smalls yet so we took the morning off and went to the stables. They were all in love with the mare within seconds…

The loved taking turns feeding Jessie some yummy green grass…

Trying on Emily’s helmet…

And even leading the mare to the barn…

Only 2 years old! Such confidence is instilled by being allowed to care for such a great animal!

Barely the size of her boots, this little superman…

The toddlers explored the tack cupboards while the bigger kids cleaned Jessie’s hooves and brushed her tail…

And then we got to watch Jessie and Emily in action out in the arena…

It was a happy, happy morning for these wee little people…

They even got to see ME playing with Jessie!

And all too soon, it was time to go home for lunch. Sigh.

Don’t worry Jessie, we’ll be back again soon.  !

Thanks for stopping by!

~Arlee, Small Potatoes


13 thoughts on “Meeting the Mare…

  1. I love your posts and this one I just had to share with several of my friends of the ‘horse fraternity’
    I’ll also be referring my students to your blog after the holidays – I teach 16-adults in Further Education who are training to work in early years!
    Inspirational and very enjoyable reading.

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