Weekly Kid’s Co-op…Lil’ Veterinarians

“Our task must be to free ourselves…by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole nature and its beauty.”   ~Albert Einstein

The weather was crazy this morning and our plans of going to the park were completely ruined. The smalls were restless, cranky, and on the verge of a coup. Something needed to be done! My mama always taught us that when we focus our energy on doing something nice for someone else, we would most definitely feel better than when we set out. So this was my approach in setting up this activity for these wee kids.  They were soon happily engaged in a good cause…caring for the small fuzzy creatures in our home.

We chatted in circle time about how animals need help when they are sick or hurt, just like we do. We talked about that big word, “veterinarian” and what it means. Wow…what a big job it would be to be a doctor for animals! The smalls were intrigued. We discussed how caring for our pets and feeding them healthy foods would help keep them from having to visit the veterinarian so often…just like us! So not just kids have to eat their veggies? Hehehehe.

I gathered what I thought we would need to set up our own veterinary clinic. We used our sensory table so the bits and bobs wouldn’t find their way to the floor so easily…And the wee doctors went right to work. Their imaginations went into high gear and soon our little clinic was buzzing with activity. They’re was so much to be done! Little pug needed his vaccinations… And poor little panda needed a band-aid! (Which is great small-motor skill practice, by the way!)And puppy had to get a needle, too! He was so brave!The little animal doctors spent the better part of an hour caring for, snuggling, bandaging, and medicating all our stuffed animals…    What I really loved about this activity, is that it defied the age boundary. I had under 2’s right up to age 7 playing in the clinic. It didn’t matter the age differences…they all had an innate desire to look after these furry creatures. Everyone had lost their restless jitters and fussy moods and they were happily looking out for others smaller than themselves. Warmed this mama’s heart, that’s what.

And now it’s your turn to play! It is the Weekly Kid’s Co-op, after all.  Link your kid-friendly idea up at the bottom of the post and share it with the world! If you don’t have a blog and just want some great ideas, oh you’re in luck! You just go ahead a browse ’til you drop! If you do link up, grab the Co-op button and put it on your blog somewhere so others can link back to see all the other link-ups. Have fun!!

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~Arlee, Small Potatoes
The Weekly Kid's Co-op

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Kid’s Co-op…Lil’ Veterinarians

  1. Hi Arlee… ;-)…I have never sent my children to child care……but i would totally send them to your house for homecare. You are awesome!!! xo

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