HashBrowns…September 17-21, 2012 Brother. Sister. Friends.

One thing that has always pleased and amazed me is the relationships my children have with each other. They truly are friends. How happy that must be for them to know there is always someone in the same crazy boat as them!

I have taken a lot of criticism for the number of children I chose to bear…I mean 6 kids? Sheesh! What was I thinking? So many have said to me that I would never have enough of me to go around, that my children would be overlooked and left behind to fend for themselves as I tended to the needs of another.

I’ll be the first person to admit that I am not Superwoman. I have no golden cuffs or an invisible plane. Oh, and no golden lasso either, which would have come in handy over the last few years of doing this as a single mom, I assure you! I have heard the criticism and I have even succumbed to guilt because of the judgemental words of others. But when I sit back and look at my children and watch how they are growing, I can see for myself that they are doing beautifully. Their dad and I have done a pretty good job. They are not only capable and independent little humans, they are also caring, empathetic, respectful, and HUGELY responsible people. And they love each other.

Growing up in a  happy family of many children has provided them with a support system they can count on. The older ones know when to steer the little ones out of Mama’s path, and the little ones know that there is always help with chemistry homework, conjugating a french verb, or finding that last hidden portal in the xbox game…all of which their Mama is no help with!

My kids are happy. Have they suffered a great injustice by having to share their parents with other siblings? I don’t believe they have. No…I know that haven’t. All I need to do is look at them and I know. And this mama is shedding the guilt.

Phew. I already feel 10 lbs lighter.

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

~Arlee, Small Potatoes


9 thoughts on “HashBrowns…September 17-21, 2012 Brother. Sister. Friends.

  1. Arlee, u amaze me ever day w the things u do. I love being from a big family. More friends to choose from and now so many nieces and nephews to love. Had I been in a different circumstance (married to a different type of man) I likely wld have had more children. Sometimes I am sad I only have two because they r all they have. But they love their cousins and that extends their family. Thanks for being such an amazing mother of six and showing the world that it can b done! Love ya. Xo

  2. My PB and I want 4 kids, it is amazing how many people look at us like we are crazed individuals, even my mother and she had three (she was basically a single mother, so that would have definitely amplified the stress). I also want our house to be the house that all the kids end up in.

  3. Thanks for being a caring mom. Our mom bore 11 children and ten grew up to be adults; the eldest a physician is now in his fifties. Our mom a seventh grader gave her whole to care for us, including resisting the temptation to divorce when things were not going so well between her and dad just for our sake. I think the nerve is the love and commitment you make. Most of my siblings have decided to fewer children just like myself who desires to stop at two save for one sister who has five girls and one boy and they are very responsible and happy children. One girls has already graduated from university and the other three are undergraduates. I think all in all people should be left to make their own responsible choices as to the size of family they wish to have.

  4. Oh my goodness I can’t believe people would say your irresponsible for having 6 kids!! What a stupid thing to say! I’m sure while your tending to one 2 are off drawing TOGETHER and the other 3 are playing with blocks TOGETHER, I have 2 kids 8 and 2 my 2yr old son only wants to play with my 8 year old daughter but she often complains she has no one else to play with. Children learn from other children and they learn from play my daughter is often left to draw or watch Tv alone instead of being outside and playing with someone or having someone else stimulate her mind because I am busy with my 2 year old. If anything I think you have done your children a great service you are assured they will always have someone to turn to when your not there. I take my hat off to you, and doing it alone probably with limited funding I’m sure none of them get left out financially no one died of hand me downs from their siblings, my son only wears my nephews hand me downs. Your great ur blogs are a great read keep it up!!!

  5. Arlee you are an amazing Mom. You inspire so many and yet you are so humble to the great achievements you have accomplished. You are and you let your kids be the best they can be. I think there are many of us out there that strive to be perfect in others eyes when it’s more important to be “just right” in our own eyes.

  6. The most important thing about family is love, support, and structure whether you have 1 child (as I do) or a dozen! Well done to you mamma!

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