Weekly Kid’s Co-op…Yesterday’s News! Making Headlines in Mixed-Media Exploration.

“When there is no freedom, there is no creativity.”  ~Soud Qbeilat

I can’t seem to get those kids to stop delivering the flyers to my front step everyday. They are determined. I put the papers on the bottom of the rabbit cage, I put them into the recycle bin. I use them as fire starter. I even let them blow all over the yard sometimes…just for the fun of it!  I DON’T WANT ANY MORE PAPERS!!!! OKAY?

After bringing in yet another cartload of flyers, it dawned on me that I’d been looking at it all wrong! I was having paper delivered to me everyday…for free!  Instead of using perfectly expensive white paper for art everyday, why not  use the free stuff? HA! Brilliant!

I spread the papers out on my kitchen table and gathered a few other art supplies. I sat the smalls down and the first thing they asked was,

“Where’s the paper?”

“It’s already here! Today we are designing newspapers, and you get to make them look the way YOU think they should!”

And away they went….The paint was the first to go on…And then came the glue. I had some in bottles for the smalls who like to squeeze…And some in yogurt cups with lolly sticks for those who can’t quite manage a bottle yet…The girls painted and glued and squeezed and swirled for a good long time. They all used the tissue paper squares in their own way. They smushed them into the paint…They painted them on to the paper with glue…And they used their wee fingers to press the tissue down…The whole group was free to create the way they wanted to…And when the older kids got home from school later that day, they had their turn at the activity…Because there is so much freedom to this art activity, it works for all ages. the age span here today was 2-7 years!

Mixed media art projects lend themselves to all kinds of creative interpretation. The different textures of each material create a sensory experience that is hard to beat. Planning skills, trial and error, cause and effect, fine-motor practice, colour theory, and creative independence are all packed into one hour at the kitchen table.

And the best part? The kids are enjoying themselves. Immensely.Now it’s your turn to create…or simply share what you’ve created this week! Click on the blue link below to join in the Weekly Kid’s Co-op today! You can follow the easy steps to link your blog to the co-op, or you can simply browse through the creative, kid-friendly activities that others have been up to this past week!  Enjoy and thank you for playing with us today!!

The Weekly Kid's Co-op

Thanks for stopping by!

~Arlee, Small Potatoes


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