Snowy Button Trees with Candy Cane-Scented Glue!

title“Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall.”  ~Larry Wilde

Sitting at lunch the other day, I asked the smalls what they’d like to do after they finished eating. They replied,


So here we are…crafting with no planning or prior thought!

I gathered together some bits and pieces from our craft shelves and brought them out to the table…suppliesneededAll the things we needed to make our own little button Christmas tree. But I did a little somethin’ to the glue to make it extra special. I added about 5 drops of peppermint oil and some glitter sprinkles into each glue pot and gave it a stir…gluesuppliesThe result was better than I had imagined. The scent of candy canes filled the playroom and the smalls were abuzz with excitement! They couldn’t stop sniffing it…so make sure you use non-toxic, kid-safe school glue!smellsgood!I gave each child their own pot of candy cane glue, a popsicle stick and a tree. They set about painting their trees with the yummy-smelling glue…gluepaintingI provided the tree decorations in a divided tray. I find it is a great way to keep craft supplies sorted and accessible so the children can reach exactly what they need…supplytrayThey all worked happily and carefully on their beautiful trees…happycraftersEach child worked differently, some used only cotton, some only buttons. And some liked everything…even the sprinkles!sprinklesBut the one thing they had in common, was who much they wanted to use that glue…stillgluingAnd smell that yummy candy cane scent…mmmcandycanes!I’m telling you, I don’t blame them. I was taking great big deep breaths all afternoon, and it wasn’t because I was trying to gather my patience!

Here are the children’s beautiful snowy button trees when they were all dry…finishedtrees

Thanks for stopping by!

~Arlee, Small Potatoes


11 thoughts on “Snowy Button Trees with Candy Cane-Scented Glue!

  1. Hi.. I love this activity i’m definitly doing this week. Could you share some entry about your storage (that is in the bakc of the picture) i fell in love with it……

    Best regards

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