10 Elfy Ideas from our Elf on the Shelf…

title“A world in which elves exist and magic works offers greater opportunities to digress and explore.” ย ~Terry Brooks

We have an elf in our house. His name is Jingle Sparx. He came from the North Pole, via “Grandma’s Sewing Room.” He may not look like your average Elf on the Shelf, but he holds the same kind of magic. He watches over the smalls in our house every day and flies back to the North Pole every night to talk to Santa. He tells Santa how awesome our smalls have been! He comes back to our house every day in the wee hours of the morning…always in a new part of the house and up to some sort of mischief or fun! No one can touch Jingle Sparx, for then he’d lose his magic. Because we have so many little people in our house, you may notice that our elf does a lot of “aerial stunts” to stay at a safe distance from toddlers and babies.

Here are some of the things he’s been up to at our house this Christmas season…batelfJingle Sparx donned the teddy bear’s bat suit and was flying beneath the light fixture above the breakfast table!

breakfastingelfJingle Sparx stacked some old books up in the baby chair and helped himself to some cheerios…with Mama’s coffee cream!! (Glue dots are your friend when it comes to positioning your elf. This is what is holding his spoon to his hand. You can find them wherever you can get scrapbook supplies.)

yogaelfJingle Sparx was found one morning doing some yoga in the window! Full lotus pose! Nice work, Jingle! (I took his mittens off, tied his hands with string, replaced the mittens, and used straight pins to keep his legs in place.)

ceilingcircuselfOh my! Jingle was feeling a bit “circus-y” this day! Hanging from candy canes on a string of outdoor lights! (I strung lights from the living room light fixture to the back of the couch and down to the outlet. I tied the candy canes to his hands with white string.)

reminderelfMiss Coco found him in the empty cookie jar with a note for her big sister…reminder2(A glue dot was used for holding the pen, and the tag was tied to his wrist.)

pantryelfSilly Jingle Sparx! Here he is, hanging upside down from the rolling-pin drinking the syrup from a straw! (I used a glue dot to keep the straw in place, and a shower curtain hanger to hold the syrup in the right position.)

capturedelfOh my! This happened while the kids were at their Dad’s house! Jingle was captured by little Halo aliens and tied up in the roasting pot with veggies!! Good thing the kids found him before he became dinner!! (The kids thought this one was especially hilarious!)

The next 2 pics were taken with my iPhone, and I apologize for the poor quality…I forgot to get photos with my big girl camera on these days!

fishermanelfJingle Sparx was found sitting in the window fishing for our kids’ betas!! He had a straw and a string for a rod…good thing he didn’t catch any of our pet fish! (The straw was tied to his wrist with white string.)

graffitielfGoodness gracious, Jingle Sparx! You are a naughty elf! On this day, Jingle drew all over our family photos AND the wall!! The kids had a good laugh, and it cleaned up really easily, so I guess we will let Jingle Sparx off the hook this time! (I used Crayola dry erase crayons on the glass AND the wall. It comes off the walls with a simple wipe of a wet cloth. I pinned the elf to the wall with sewing pins, and tied a thread from around his neck, to the back of the top right photo to keep him in that position. The crayon was tied to his hand with thread, and the other crayons were left on the top of one of the frames.)

And finally…light-fixerelfJingle Sparx was found in the tree this morning with a light bulb in his hands…he was fixing it for us, making sure it was on good and tight! Good little elf! (I used glue dots on each side of the bulb’s base to keep his mittens attached.)

We will be back soon with more of Jingle Sparx’s antics. We promise.

Thanks for stopping by!

~Arlee, Small Potatoes


8 thoughts on “10 Elfy Ideas from our Elf on the Shelf…

  1. I watched the Jingle Sparks antics anticipating his next prank with delight. Thanks Arlee for making my pre Christmas days so much fun!!!

  2. Lol, we did the photo drawing idea and my son didn’t get it at first. He actually thought it was just something his big sister did — funny because it DOES sound like something she would do! ๐Ÿ˜› Great ideas!

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