What’s In YOUR Bento? Hoppy Easter Edition…

title“Well pleaseth me the sweet time of Easter that maketh the leaf and flower come out.”  ~Bertran de Born

It’s springtime and with that comes Easter, and with Easter comes new beginnings! This weeks bento is all about soft spring colours, new baby chicks, and happy little Easter bunnies!

I packed the bento in a fantastic bunny bento from http://www.bentousa.com…bottomLayerThe “cracked egg sandwich” was made with a big egg-shaped cookie cutter. I cut two. The bottom egg remained whole to form the back of the sandwich. The second bread egg was cut in half horizontally and then I cut jagged edges with a sharp knife. Your two jagged-edged “egg halves” do not need to match up, as you will lay them open on top of your sandwich meat and slip the cheese chick inside. I cut the chick out of cheddar cheese with a little chick cookie cutter. I made the wing with a 1/2 circle cutter. I  used food safe markers for the beak and eye. The flower picks were also purchased at http://www.bentoUSA.com

topLayerThe sheep silicon cup, the flower silicon cup, the white bunny pick, and the pink bunny pick were all purchased at http://www.bentoUSA.com. I cut the flower-shaped cheese with these cutters, and the cucumbers with these cutters.toplayerLid

This bento lunch includes a nice sized onigiri in a cute little bunny container. You can read more about onigiri and how to make them in our last week’s post.onigiri

I sure hope you all have a wonderful Spring Break and Easter holidays! Happy bento-ing!

Thanks for stopping by!hoppyEaster

Arlee, Small Potatoes


7 thoughts on “What’s In YOUR Bento? Hoppy Easter Edition…

  1. Arli…I always new you were creative but after looking thru your small potatoes site…I can see you are absolutely amazingly talented!!!!! Your kids are sooooo fortunate to have such a creative mum!

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