Spring Break Silly Sock Puppets…Designed by the Smalls at Small Potatoes!

title“There’s a certain happiness in being silly and ridiculous.” ~Unknown

There comes a time in the day of a small, when she just needs to be silly. This time comes quite often during Spring Break when the boredom gets the best of us. We are still under snow here. Yes, that’s right. Snow. And that makes for a very loooong Spring Break. Everyone was getting a bit antsy, so we decided to get our silly on.

It started very innocently…with socks, yarn, felt, and other assorted doo-dads…materialsused*Socks came from the dollar store for $1.25/pair.

I encouraged the smalls to think about what kind of puppet they would like to make from these materials. Would they like it to be a monster? And alien? An animal? Or a person? What colours would they like to use? What will its name be?

Their creative minds began at once. They each chose a sock or two, and all their colours and bits. I helped them cut things out when they asked. And I worked the glue gun to put the bits on the puppets as per their instructions…cuttingearskangaroopocketI allowed each small to place their bits exactly where they wanted them, and I just glued, glued, glued, and glued some more! The smalls did everything else!gluingSpidersteggysplatesplanningbunnyOh, their puppets were spectacular!

I’d like you to meet the stars of our Spring Break puppet show…crazyspidersillysteggybabyorcapinkkangaroomrsBunnybabyorcababybeluganarwhalsteveOnce the puppets were all put together, the smalls got to work on setting up a puppet show for the toddlers. I have not heard this much laughter in my home in a really long time. It was so much fun to watch their wit and imagination shine through their little silly sock puppets!theamazingPuppetshowthepuppetshowthepuppetshow2behindthescenessingingsocksAnd in the end, a couple of rogue puppets (designed by myself) showed up to do a show for ALL the smalls. ย I had to brush up quickly on my high school drama club skills!zeekNtheprincess

…oh the silliness that comes from a couple of fuzzy socks!

I sure hope everyone had a safe and happy Spring Break! Thanks for stopping by!

~Arlee, Small Potatoes


11 thoughts on “Spring Break Silly Sock Puppets…Designed by the Smalls at Small Potatoes!

  1. You guys must have had such a great day ๐Ÿ™‚ looks really fun. That’s crazy still having snow falling. When you said November to April, you really meant it! We have the blankets out and heat on after a nice warm summer ๐Ÿ™‚ hope things warm up for you real soon ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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