What’s In YOUR Bento? Panda LOVE Edition…

title“You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have really lived are the moments you have done things in the spirit of love.”  ~Henry Drummond

With Earth Day approaching, and our thoughts turning to conservation of our planet and it’s creatures, we dedicate this week’s bento to the pandas. We have a soft spot at our house for this endangered, peaceful, roly-poly bear. In 2004, the WWF estimated that there were only 1600 pandas left in the world. They are considered a national treasure in China, and here at Small Potatoes they are considered “the cutest bear EVER!”

We have collected a lot of panda bear bento accessories over time. Every time I place an online order, I usually will make sure there is something “panda-ish” in the order. In this post, I have given you links to the products I used in case you want to shop. They will be bright orange…you can’t miss them!

This lunch comes in 2 parts and it is a good example of a school meal that doesn’t include a sandwich…because let’s face it, kids get sick of sandwiches even when they are cute!

The first part of the meal is the yogurt and fruit salad and I’ve packed it in a two-tiered round panda bento. This bento has two airtight lids, making it perfect for this kind of snack…fruitsaladbentoThe heart on the yogurt was created by cutting the strawberry in half and poking a little leaf pick right down  the centre…heartMiss Coco was excited to see that little piece of flair…happyheartThe whole thing stacks up together once the airtight lids are placed on each layer…fruitsaladPacked

The main lunch is packed in an airtight rectangle panda bento boxpandabento*The panda foodpicks and the plastic panda baran sheet, and the panda sauce cup can all be purchased at BentoUSA.

The bento is such a great way to provide healthy food choices to your children. Miss Coco LOVES her bento lunches and typically eats every veggie and piece of fruit in the box…happybento-erToday she was particularly pleased to find her favourite Laughing Cow cheese hidden in behind the “hedge”…favouritecheeseShe likes to roll her crackers around in it…cheeseroller

This is what the lunch looks like when it’s all packed and ready to go to school…allReadyJust two pieces and a spoon. No throw-aways, no trash, no waste. A perfect little Earth Day lunch with some really cute little bear friends.

I packed these 2 bento boxes into a little insulated panda bento bagbentobag*This bag comes with a little gel pack you can keep in your freezer and then put in your lunch bag before leaving for school.

Happy Bento-ing! And Happy Earth Day, my friends!

~Arlee, Small Potatoes


5 thoughts on “What’s In YOUR Bento? Panda LOVE Edition…

    • Sometimes I sprinkle them with cinnamon and sugar so no one can tell they’ve gone brown! Lol! Also a little bit of a lemon juice dip before they go into the bento will keep them from turning. But mostly, my kids don’t care if their apples go brown…I told them it’s just what happens when air gets to their fruit, but the taste remains the same. They seem content with that! 🙂

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