A Little Garden Grows…Building a Sensory Play Garden

title“Half the interest of a garden is the constant exercise of the imagination.”  ~Mrs. C.W. Earle, 1897

A while back, just as Spring was arriving here in western Canada, a spied a most beautiful idea on The Imagination Tree. Anna had built the loveliest sensory garden for her girls. Right away I knew this was something I wanted for my own two smalls. For so long, our backyard has been pretty dismal. A little garden would be just the thing to give it a little boost.

I purchased some wooden bendable fencing from our Canadian Tire store and dug up the grass where I would put the garden. It was very plain and boring in the beginning, but full of so much potential!inthebeginningWe couldn’t plant anything right away because it was still too cold, so we set about adding all the other details. We hung watering cans from the fence post, we filled the garden with dirt, and I hung an old window for sweet peas to grow up around, and a metal pot hanger from IKEA for loose parts and playthings…windowandpotsIn our pots we have tractors, plastic bugs, toy frogs, and glass rocks. Our backyard hens thought it was a really great place to visit…nochickensallowedCoco decided on a bird bath which we found at Winners Home Sense for $12…birdbathOnce the weather finally warmed up, Mr. Pancakes and I went to the garden centre and I let him choose whichever plants he wanted in the garden. He was very, very choosy and it took us quite some time to get things decided upon! He wanted to make sure he had all the primary colours, some “smelling good” plants, and some strawberries. We got home and he went straight to planting…plantingCoco had already placed terracotta pots for hidey holes, metal planters, ceramic birds, and a flapping cardinal for some colour, so all Mr. Pancakes had to do was decide where all the plants should go…designingThe peppermint he chose was planted behind the hidey hole so it would grow like a little den of leaves for the bird…birdieHe planted his strawberry patch near the edge so no one would step on it…strawberrypatchAnd Coco planted the pretty lobelia all over the little garden patch…lobeliaThey planted sweet peas by the seed all along the back, and they are growing up nicely now…wateringSweetpeasCoco and Mr. Pancakes spend the warmer evenings out in their garden playing and watching things grow…strawberryTractorpeppermintFrog

This little garden is only the beginning of what we have going in on in our backyard now! Stay tuned each week for something new that we’ve added to our outdoor play space!

Thanks for stopping by!

~Arlee, Small Potatoes

p.s. Just for something a little different, all today’s photos were made with the app Hipstamatic on the iPhone5.


22 thoughts on “A Little Garden Grows…Building a Sensory Play Garden

  1. I love following your blogs Arlee, they are so great. Would love to do something like this for my kids, but they seem to just destroy things like this

  2. What a great garden. Ours is more the usual, basic garden fare, but my 2yo watches the plants grow religiously, makes trips out to visit his strawberries, which are all named Bucky, and helps to water each morning.

  3. I love the cute and playful garden you’ve set up. What a great outdoor activity for summer 🙂 Thank you for the tip- I can see how this could be fun all day long, from gathering your materials to actually working to create the garden!


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  5. This is a brilliant idea. There is nothing better than getting kids away from the tv and out in the backyard appreciating nature!!! Also, love the old window hanging up on the fence! I’m a new follower!

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