What’s In YOUR Bento? Ghosts, Mummies, Spiders, Oh My!

titlecollage“When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween.”  ~Author Unknown

We are back and we are here with a spooky Halloween themed lunch for your little one! It’s super simple and made mostly with bits and pieces I found at our local dollar store! Where I can, I will include the link to where I purchased some of the bento items online. But you’ll be surprised how many little Halloween doo-dads there are out there at your local craft or dollar store!

Let’s get started! We will start on the bottom layer first…bottomLayerI added little tiny plastic spiders to the cup of pumpkin seeds and little candy bone sprinkles (from Michaels) to the yogurt. I found the skeleton food picks at our dollar store AND at Michaels. The sticker on the muffin is from the dollar store, and so is the little mummy finger puppet. The orange food picks were purchased online at bentoUSA.com.

I created the carrot gravestones by slicing a carrot on an angle, cutting the bottom off, and punching the letters through the top with little ABC cuttersgravestoneCarrotsThe top layer is quick and easy, but looks absolutely adorable with its onigiri ghosts…topLayerTo create these little ghosts, cook a batch of sticky rice, scoop them into triangle molds, press, and expel, or wrap the scoop of rice in plastic wrap and shape by hand. The candy google eyes can be purchased at craft stores, or here.onigirighostsMy little ones love furikake on their rice, so I packed some in a little plastic bottle and gave it a creepy label…”scab flakes!” Ew.scabflakesAnd that’s it…maybe 20 minutes to put it all together…bothlayers

*The trick is to pack your bento tightly as if you were sending a package in the mail. If it’s packed tight, the contents won’t shift around as much and the lunch will arrive at school mostly intact. So don’t be afraid to fill all the nooks and crannies of your child’s bento.

The time and attention you put into your child’s lunch does NOT go unappreciated, trust me. My kids often tell me their “lives were SO BORING” before I made bentos for them!happyhalloween So don’t be overwhelmed, just have fun! It’s like scrapbooking…but with food!

Happy Bento-ing! And Happy Halloween!wrappedup*The black cat bento was purchased HERE at bentousa.com.

Thanks for stopping by,

Arlee, Small Potatoes

P.S.  Pop on over to Bonbon Break to see our other Halloween bento lunch this week!


17 thoughts on “What’s In YOUR Bento? Ghosts, Mummies, Spiders, Oh My!

  1. It is so nice to see you back! Great bento! I was curious if you were affected by the flood in Alberta? I thought that might have been the reason you were not on for a while.
    Hope all is great!

    • Thank you!! I was not affected, although some of my friends were. I took the summer off and then I had a complete hard drive failure. All my photos for the last 2 yrs…gone. Including about 10 posts worth of pics. 😦 Anyhow, the files are being recovered and should be back here soon!!

      • Oh no, that must have been an extremely bad day 😦 I hope all of your files are restored for you! Can’t wait to see your upcoming posts! Would i be able to contact you and ask you a few questions about blogging stuff via email or fb? I’m starting one and I’m not so confident…lol.

  2. Hi Bento-mentor! I’m curious—how do you keep lunches cool? Am looking to buy bento boxes for my kiddos as a Christmas gift, but none of the cute ones look like they’d accommodate ice packs/etc. It gets pretty hot here in spring/summer, and early fall. Thoughts anyone?!?

  3. This is beyond cute! Where did you find the alphabet punches. I know you found most of the supplies at the dollar store – but can’t imagine they had these there? They must be very sturdy to punch letters in a carrot…

    • If you look again at the post, right above the photo of the carrot and cutters, you’ll see the words “abc cutters” …the words are a different colour because they are a link. Click the words “abc cutters” and it will take you to the site where you can purchase them. 🙂

  4. lol of course it is right there.. I was reading it on my i-phone and it’s teeny tiny and I guess my aging eyes didn’t register it as a different color. Thanks for the kind reply even if my question was completely already answered in the post 😀 I think I need to read on a real computer next time…

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