Make Your Own CHALKBOARD Creative Table…In 2 Easy Steps!


“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”  ~Maya Angelou

We love our creative table here at Small Potatoes. It is probably the most used piece of furniture in our care centre classroom. We also love chalkboards. So one day, the idea came to me that I should take the best of both worlds and put them together as one. The result was more fun than I had even imagined.

When your table IS the chalkboard, your creativity is no longer limited to just 2 dimensional drawing…it becomes a whole new world of 3 dimensional imagination.

The process of giving your table a coat of chalkboard paint couldn’t be simpler. I taped the edges, and I painted it. Simple as that.2steps

My table had a laminate surface.  It was not wooden. I did not sand it. I washed it first and then got to work. Chalkboard paint likes to stay put. In all my history of using chalkboard paint, I have never used a primer, nor have I sanded the surface first and I have never had a problem. This is a beautiful thing for me, as I am a “shortcut” kind of gal!  The hardest part of this project, was waiting overnight for the paint to cure…timetodry

Once your paint has cured, you are ready to play!finishedAndreadylooseparts

I find some of the smalls will bring the loose parts to the table and plan their small worlds before they begin to chalk…planningstages

Once the planning stage is finished, the chalking begins in earnest…creatingAsmallworldAnd then…they play!theskysthelimit2theskysthelimitSome smalls prefer to draw first…bunnyThen they bring in the loose parts, and the magic of the chalk table has no limits…people can even ride on giant rabbits!chalkbunny


*The tabletop is easily washed with a wet dishcloth, but you can also proved chalk brushes for the smalls to use to re-work their art as they go along.

*Cover your chalkboard creative table with plastic or a sheet if you are using glue, paint, play dough, crayons, pencils, or inks to preserve the finish.MoreThanJustDrawing

Happy chalking!

Thanks for stopping by,

Arlee, Small Potatoes


19 thoughts on “Make Your Own CHALKBOARD Creative Table…In 2 Easy Steps!

  1. Awesome idea Arlee. Hey I was just wondering if you got my email from last week. I asked how you handle the different age groups trying to keep the under two’s from the over two’s especially when the older ones are doing projects or building and the little ones want to come and knock their lego buildings etc. down do you keep them seperate and how do you do that?


    On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 4:00 PM, Small Potatoes

  2. Oh LOVE this! We’re in for a SUPER rainy weekend here in South Florida so this might be what we do tonight to get us through the next two days inside with a 2 year old. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love this, I want to paint my UGLY green fridge in this paint but my husband says because were renting I cannot. Lol oh well, with this idea maybe I’ll find an old ugly coffee table 🙂

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