6 Little Bunnies

Two weeks ago, on April 20th, our Mumma rabbit LucyLoo gave birth to her first little batch of bunnies. Six, tiny little pink and wrinkled babies! I’ve decided to create a page on the blog to tell the story of our bunnies growing up. You can check back in once in a while to see how they’ve grown! But first, let’s start at the beginning…
On a Friday afternoon in April, our Mumma LucyLoo started to pull the fur from her belly to make a nest for her babies. LucyLoo is a lionhead rabbit and not a very big one. She was lucky to have a lot of fur from the cold winter, because she needed a lot of it to keep her babies warm.
We made sure LucyLoo had a bunch of clean wood chips too, which she carried in her mouth and placed in her nest.
I left the house for a few hours, and when I came back, LucyLoo had already given birth!! I missed it! I didn’t know how many babies she had kindled, but Lucy sure was skinny now! Here is a photo of her nest with all the babies inside…
Mumma rabbits don’t sit on their nests…they stay a ways away to keep from attracting predators from her nest. The babies burrow right down into the nest and stay warm that way. You won’t see the mumma nurse her babies either. She does it in the wee hours of the night so no one can see. The only way we knew she was feeding them, was that they were growing! LucyLoo is a fantastic Mumma rabbit.
At 1.5 days, I lifted the fur to see how many babies their were in the nest. SIX!!!! Wow, LucyLoo!! You’ve got your work cut out for you!!
After kindling, LucyLoo ate and ate and ate and ate and ate. And rested. She is STILL eating to make milk for these 6 hungry babies.
And look! At 3 days, they are already getting their fur!
Baby rabbits grow fast. Their mumma’s milk is rich and full of nutrients. Here is a quick snapshot collage of how quickly rabbits develop…
By day 11, the bunnies all had their eyes open…even the runt,LoisLane. Here is LoisLane at 3 days old…
We named her LoisLane because we figured she needed a Superman…so tiny and delicate. Now, she is the rowdiest of the bunch!
This is the first photograph of the day they opened their eyes…
Here are the photographs of all our babies, at 2 weeks old…
And SugarCane…
And this is how they all love to sleep…in a pile! Just like the Wild Things!
Sweetness. I sure hope you come back and see how they are growing! Oh, and they are for sale! *wink* My 7 year old is an entrepreneur trying to get to Disneyland! God bless her! The mumma and poppa rabbits are hers, and this is her project. I am very proud of how she is helping to raise this little family of furry ears and tails.

15 thoughts on “6 Little Bunnies

  1. so freakin adorable! wished you lived closer as I know my son would love one of them and I WOULD TOO!!!! XOXO THANKS FOR SHARING

  2. I loved seeing your babies grow & change when they were tiny. I hadn’t seen any pictures of them “all grown up”. They’re absolutely adorable! Do you still have some, or did you find homes for all of them?

    • Wait til you see them NOW!! They are even bigger and fluffier! They are eating pellets and everything! I’ll try and update this page tomorrow so you can see how they’ve grown. It’s almost weaning time…and then selling time 😦

  3. BUNNIES! They are so adorable! I didn’t realize that rabbits grew that quickly, especially getting all their fur within a few days. Great photographs…some of them look like they’re posing for the camera. If I had the money to have a pet right now I would want to adopt a bunny πŸ™‚

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