If She Could Be in Kentucky Today, She Would Be.

My oldest daughter is an old soul. She has been responsible and mature beyond her years since the day she finished being colicky. So often she is taken for granted…Oh, Emily will be there. Emily will do it. Ask Emily. She goes about her day fulfilling all her school work, house chores, and babysitting duties without much complaint.  All of this makes her a really great to have around. But to be honest, the thing I like the most about her, is her love of the horse. On friday nights, when every other mother is picking teenagers up from the mall, the dance, the movies, or jail (hehehehe), I am picking my 16 yr old up from the barn. She is not a girlie girl who worries about make-up or the right shoes. She would rather be mucking a stall, jumping her mare, oiling her tack, or scrubbing her boots, than be any other place doing any other thing…

Emily and Jessie…you can’t have one without the other. The two are the best besties I have ever seen. Emily and Jessie have been together since middle school. They play together. They work together. They breathe together.

A long while back, I spent the afternoon with Emily and Jessie just shooting photo after photo. All of them beautiful.The wind was just right, the light was perfect, the colours fantastic, and my subjects were lovely…

These two girls share a good laugh, a great afternoon ride, a kiss,  a game of hide and seek treats, puddle splashing sessions…they even share the same hair colour.

And so, with the Kentucky Derby horses running today, I was inspired to share these great photos of two truly lovely ladies. They have sat in my computer for too long now. 

Emily and I have talked about one day going to Kentucky and watching the derby…but we keep saying, “maybe next year.” My “un-girly” girl said she would even wear a fancy hat if she got to go. She graduates from High School next year…maybe that would be the thing to do for a girl always on the honour roll?!

Well, I have to run and take my lovelies to the swimming pool. I will leave you with one last photo…my very favourite one, with Emily’s favourite quote…

4 thoughts on “If She Could Be in Kentucky Today, She Would Be.

  1. This post brought tears. She IS a beautiful girl, and what an amazing way for a mother to pay tribute. xoxo I absolutely love ALL of these pictures of our gal Em!

  2. awesome!!!!! I just bought a little while in Toronto that is the same as the green one she is wearing. I also just bought a navy with white polka dot dress!!!!! LOL Love that girl too! how can you not?

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