The Smallest Things…

This long, cold and seemingly never ending winter has certainly taken it’s toll on my soul. Everything seemed dull, grey, brown, and dirty. I felt caged in. And with all my little charges underfoot, it seemed even worse. My little house started to close in on me and I was tripping on stuff and children ALL the time. I found myself bursting into tears with an intense ache in my soul that I couldn’t give a name to. I was simply miserable. Not everyday…but a lot of them. 

And did I ever complain? Oh ya. You bet I did. Laundry piled up. Dishes were left in the sink. Beds didn’t get made. Bathrooms were awful…you get the picture. 

And then the sun came out. And I am not talking about the big ball of fire in the sky.(Although, that DID come out too!) I looked at my wall. The same wall I walk past every day. The same wall I see as I come down to the kitchen every day. But this time, I actually saw it. And the sun came out…from somewhere inside. Slowly at first, it was out just the same. What was so special about this wall?? Well, I will show you…

You see? I had spring and sunshine right here in my house! I didn’t need to look any further. These small things were there to brighten my day all along. And I had my eyes closed. And so, as the sunshine spread through my muddled soul, I began to bring in a little more colour in other corners of my home. I decided to make my kitchen the first corner.

So I went to my happy place…HomeSense! Lol! And i bought this pretty bowl, along with a few others in assorted sizes. And well, wouldn’t you know, there was an antique show this weekend in my city! When you look for sunshine…you will find it. 


It makes me giddy just looking at it. It really does. I am in love. This table is from the 1920’s and it was found in an old barn up in Barhead. And she’s all mine. And the chairs were waiting at that antique show JUST for me…waiting to  soothe a worn-out Mumma of 6.

When my kids came home from their dad’s tonight, they ran right in, “dibbs-ed” a chair colour, grabbed a pot of crayons, and sat down to create some more “small things.”

And so we have come full-circle…

The smallest things DO take up the most room in my heart. I just need to remember to shove the rest of that crap out of the way. The doubt. The fear. The impatience. The sadness. The crankiness. There is no reason for all of THAT to take over…not when there is so much colour everywhere! So let the sunshine in!!


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