Ice Block Critter Melt…DAY 2 of Water Week!

Hello again! It’s time for Day 2 of our water week extravaganza. And this one is super easy! Especially in the winter here in Canada. I took advantage of the giant deep freeze that my patio has become, and I filled every empty yogurt, cottage cheese, dip, or dairy container I had with water. Then I dropped some food coloring into each container. I gathered up as many creepy, crawly critters that I could find in the house and put them into the colored water. Then I put them all outside on the patio…

It didn’t take more than a few hours to freeze…as it was -47 degrees Celsius that day. Brrrrrr! If you suffer (*wink) from a warmer climate, use your freezer and put them in the night before. 
When they are frozen and you are ready to play, run the containers under hot water for awhile to loosen the ice blocks. Drop them into a bin or water table already half filled with water.
Here is a snake encased in ice…it looks pretty neat. The children will love swirling the melting colors into the water, and watching the critters emerge from the ice.
The kids in my house were squealing and giggling and carrying on…it was the noisiest “ice melt” my kitchen had ever seen!
And it was such eye candy for ME! 
DAY #2
Supplies needed:
1. Empty plastic containers
2. Water
3. Food Coloring
4. Wash bin, rubbermaid, or water table with water
5. Plastic critters (lizards, bugs, snakes, or any other things you’re in the mood to freeze!)
Have fun and enjoy! Maybe shake hands with a grasshopper while you’re at it!
See you tomorrow for more water fun!
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