Camping With the Smalls…Woodland Fairy Bath

“The woods are full of fairies! The trees are alive: The river overflows with them. See how they dip and dive! What funny little fellows! What dainty little dears! They dance and leap, and prance and peep, and utter fairy cheers!”  ~Author Unknown

It’s time for some more camping adventures! Only this time, we are stepping out of the mud and into the tub. Do you remember those $10 puppy pools we used for our toddler paint party? Well, I brought them camping with us because you never know when you might need a plastic pool, right? After all the mud play, the little pools were a blessing.

In the evenings, I would fill the little pool with warm bubbly water and my 2 smallest would bathe in the setting sun. One night, we decided to make it even a little more special…

I lit our pretty citronella candles to keep the mosquitoes at bay… We also gathered flower blossoms from the woods behind our campsite to add to the bubbly water… Now we had a bath fit for a woodland fairy! Coco loved her flowery bath and I can only imagine the thoughts that went through her head as she bathed in the last moments of daylight, tucked away in her own part of the woods…   Such peace, we grown-ups rarely experience!  She lingered in her bath long after the water had grown chilly…but this little fairy didn’t seem to mind at all. She watched the candlelight flicker as the sun began to sink, mesmerized by its hypnotizing dance…  All too soon, it was dark, and time for little fairies to wrap in a towel and get their pj’s on…  Goodnight, wee fairy girl! Sleep tight!

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~Arlee, Small Potatoes


17 thoughts on “Camping With the Smalls…Woodland Fairy Bath

  1. How did you get it to bubble, did you use a whisk? Did you boil water on the campstove for the hot? I’d love to do this for my littles, we are going camping next week!

  2. Cristi, I just put the soap in the bottom of the pool first and when I poured the water in, it got sudsy. Then I mixed it with my hand real quick. and yes, I boiled the water on the campstove and added cold buckets of water to make it just right. ENJOY!!!

  3. Well – that’s it, now I must insist we take a bath tub with us when camping….I want to bathe in the last of the day too!! lol

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