Little Squirts!

“Play builds the kind of free-and-easy, try-it-out-yourself character that our future needs. ”  ~James  L. Hymes Jr. (child development specialist, author)

I can’t stop giggling. This simple activity brought so much joy into this house, we are all still smiling. A few empty dish soap and water bottles, some funnels, water, and childish abandon. It’s the perfect recipe for fun.

I filled our water table with cool water, as it was really hot in our house today. Then I gave the girls each a funnel, an empty bottle, and some measuring cups. I gave them no instructions. This activity is completely child led. And anyone who knows kids, knows they like to have a good time. These smalls are no exception.

They started out with pouring and filling, just as I had predicted…A little bit of experimenting with bottle-tops ensued and they discovered that the dish soap lids fit on the water bottles! (I’m thinking this is genius, and these will make great travel water bottles!)                               The girls experimented with different ways of filling the bottles. They used the scoops, they poured through the funnels, and then they found they could squirt one bottle into the others!It didn’t take long for them to discover that if you can squirt down, you can squirt up! Instead of putting a stop to what could be a potential flood in my house, I allowed them to squirt the bottles freely, ONLY if they kept the base of the bottle down on the table. This way, the water would squirt up…not out!And so the hilarity and joy began…

This would be great activity to bring outdoors or into the tub with the shower curtain closed, if you are worried about water on your floors. Some of you have hardwood, so I don’t blame you. I have really ugly linoleum, so I say, SPLASH AWAY! Even the smallest of the smalls got involved with the girls! I put a bit of water on his high chair tray, and he splashed and giggled right along!By providing a free-to-experiment environment for your children within the boundaries of your house rules, they will become inquisitive, healthy risk-takers as they grow. And they’ll be sure to get you giggling with their curious antics, too.

Thanks for stopping by!

~Arlee, Small Potatoes


13 thoughts on “Little Squirts!

  1. I love this! – and your unique ability to capture real life on photos. I am in awe and so inspired how you find all these wonderful activities with the kids — must take note of this particular water activity, our girls would LOVE this on a warm Norwegian summer day! Thanks for sharing!

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