HashBrowns…August 20-24 2012 Happy Birthday, Little Boy.

Wow, this week has flown right by! I can’t believe it’s friday already! I’ve been editing a bunch of photos for clients and took a break to do some of my own family’s summer photos. I came across this gem of my son playing in the evening light. He turned 6 yesterday, and it was all I could do to keep a smile on my face for him. He’s my last baby and I’m not thrilled with the idea of him growing up. He has such a keen imagination and a zest for learning, and I don’t want adulthood to take that from him. So my birthday wish for him is that he will always carry a bit of his boyish mischief with him as he grows. That he will never stop asking why. That he will not settle for “just because”, but will keep trying to know for sure. That he won’t forget how to play. And that he’ll always come back to his mama for a snug and a kiss. Love you, Mr. Pancakes. Happy Birthday. xo

And in case you missed what we’ve been up to this whirlwind of a week, well…here it is!

We started out with a great recipe for chalk paint and created a colourful world for all our Polly Pockets! Then, we freaked most of the world out by squirting water INSIDE the house! Hahahaha! Oh, but it was fun! And we ended our week with the Weekly Kid’s Co-op, joining in with dozens of other bloggers around the world to share creative kid-friendly activities. We shared a second edition of our Imagination Bowls. The Arctic Bowl seems to be the most popular so far, by the way. I think it’s the icy jewels…they can’t get enough!

So there you have it! Have a really great weekend, friends! I’ll see you again next week!

Thanks for stopping by!

~Arlee, Small Potatoes


3 thoughts on “HashBrowns…August 20-24 2012 Happy Birthday, Little Boy.

  1. Ouch! I know how you feel. My last baby turned 8 in May, and it’s killing me. He still seems like such a little guy to me – much more so than his big brother, the oldest of four, did when he was that age. But there are days, like today, when I am shocked to see this big ol’ kid standing where my baby stood just yesterday. But of course, I wouldn’t really want it any other way.

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