HashBrowns…October29 – November 2, 2012 No Seven Wonders

I was tempted to put this photo up all on its own today…without writing anything. It is one of those photographs that simply speaks without words. Her eyes say everything.

I am surrounded by children everyday. And whether they are my own, or some other mother’s, they all share one thing in common. Wonder.

A walk in the woods is a thousand questions.

A blank piece of paper is a possibility.

A bin of play sand is a far off land where one is sure to find buried treasure.

An empty cardboard box is potential.

Children wonder so they can learn. If they didn’t wonder, they wouldn’t ask questions. Without questions, there is no new knowledge gained.

This is something I have to remind myself as I am answering the question, for the umpteenth time, why water is wet. It’s hard not to just say, “because it IS!” Am I right?

All growing takes patience. It’s not something that happens overnight. So as the children around me wonder and grow, I find it’s best to wonder and grow along with them, instead of fighting with it and being irritated by it.

We will find out together what will happen if

Thanks for stopping by!

~Arlee, Small Potatoes

ps. If any of you have the answer to the question, why water is wet, could you leave the answer below in the comment box? For real. It’s the one question I haven’t been able to answer. Ever.


12 thoughts on “HashBrowns…October29 – November 2, 2012 No Seven Wonders

  1. For some questions I just make up a story-like answer, trying to be not too far off from reality (because really, there are just things not easy to explain..). Water is wet because it feels lonely all on its own, so it needs to be part of whatever thing it encounters. It’s her way to hug the things that touch her.
    By the way, I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months now and I love it. It’s always an inspiration and I would love if my daughter came to your home day care (she would love it too)!

  2. I am learning from my son who definitely has a strength of being literal. To ask ‘why water is wet’ is the same to him as asking ‘why does water act this way?’ Our touch feels water while our eyes our closed and our brain lets us know that water feels wet. Perhaps one to add to the touch sensory table? Asking the little ones, while their eyes are closed: How does this one feel? Wet! 🙂

  3. WOW! What a photo and those eyes…!!!! You are amazing at capturing an amazing shot!! As far as an answer to your question on why water is wet….well…If it wasn’t wet it would be dry and then it wouldn’t be called water…how’s that? That is all my old brain will come up with this morning!! heehee Love you!! You do great work!!!

  4. It’s a great opportunity for an experiment -talk about the different forms of water. Start with ice cubes. Let them hold them (if they want), feel them melt, take a break, come back to see the puddle in a bowl a little later. Leave it out overnight and see how much is left or carefully put the bowls over some heat and talk about evaporation. Or hold a cold thing over a steamy pot: condensation and back into the freezer again.

    While I sometimes just AM tired and the questions seem to take some hard-to-find brain power to put into words they understand, I never get tired of the questions themselves. You’re so right, spending time with kids is our chance to rediscover wonder about the world around us.

    I’ve noticed that children who have questions answered seem to be more confident about things -the natural world in particular. Of course, I’m biased (and/or my kids are) , my husband and I are both biologist, but even looking up answers on-line or in a book can be effective and they open up doors to even MORE wonder!

  5. Whenever I asked an impossible question, and wouldn’t accept “I don’t know.” as an answer, Mom would just tell me…
    “Because, that’s how God wanted it to…(look, feel, sound…etcetera!)!”.
    Not the greatest answer, but I KNEW that meant there WAS no answer!

    I DO like the answer by imaginemyworld (I think that was it), about wetness being the description!

  6. Hi Arlee! I’m reading your blog from Mongolia, and I am always inspired by your beautiful pictures, your wonderful ideas, and the inquisitiveness (is that a word even??) of the children you care for. I wonder at children’s wonder… we somehow manage to loose most of it by the time we get big and grown up! Anyway, I wanted to ask if you would mind if I translate this post into Mongolian? I am involved in teacher training, and I would really like to share (as in show) it to the teachers, and give them the chance to ponder this. Would that be OK?

    • Hi Naomi!! (I have a little sister named Naomi!) Mongolia?! Wow! That is one place I’ve always wanted to see! And yes, you go ahead and translate this post. I’d love to see it translated when you’re finished…maybe you could email me? Anyhow, have a great day, and keep on wondering! 😉

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